Tao: The Watercourse Way

without an inside, there is no outside, by taking away evil, there is no good, without black, there is no white, without joy there is no suffering, there is no before without an after, no feminine without masculine, ugliness without beauty, life without death: both are inseparable like poles on a magnet everything relates to everything and then returns back to itself, from one to two to three to the ten thousand things, one is not one without the ten thousand things when there are no opinions, no purpose, no action, things come and go of themselves when there is mystery in what cannot be named, to name it is to not know it, to know it is not to talk of it people take care of themselves when they are not forced, snow cracks the most rigid pines while the willow yields and bends a great warrior doesn’t need to fight even though a weapon is available the most powerful ruler is not free but is burdened with worry, fear, isolation the truly powerful have no ambition, no status, they do not hold themselves above anyone, they do not praise or blame, they act by not acting, they do not force others, and everything is still accomplished the wise ones behave righteously with no thought of good and bad, they decide on what to do and do but do not preach to others when striving for peace, there will be war, when seeking pleasure, there will be suffering, when there is youth, there will be old age, when there is health, there will be sickness, from trying to control, there is a lack of control there are transformations along the path of life to death: not minding what comes or goes, there is joy in every change to desire or strain not to desire, one is still in the Tao, not a part of it, but It let the mind alone and it will harmonize, force the mind and it will resist

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