Cut-Up Poem

taking weakness

of the modern organism,

bleeding after industrial creation,

man is grinding everything down

killing the whole,

the thousand-foul stench of progress,

the greedy

nightmare, bodies made of desire are

now oil bones, they felt their shallow journey,

their live essences, their souls for expansion

are buried, devoured, the blood of billions in

this evolution, societies

run dry

as humans wander,

years are flesh mosquitos,

what is warmth and attention,

when the conclusion is dismemberment?

we talk about expansion with our unknown morals,

what direction are our bodies in? do we feel for

other creatures? we attack with our knowledge,

killing, as the cloud covers our nightmares, we

forget again and again, we are comforted in blood,

slaughter and then revision, shopping over visions,

powers distract, thrash our flesh, reduce billions of

life to debris, let’s make a culture of understanding,

not tearing plants out of root, intentions are as big as

swallowed oceans, giving is buried under earth, taking comes

from a delight of snarling for the nightmare, from

self-weakness, from separation, all creatures wander

on this planet, in the growth of mysterious,

wanderers seek a sobering of purpose, the

teeth of life, this planet is edible, alive, this

planet is unreasonable, this planet is worn

in smoke, burned from earthquake residue,

now is the attention, what has been is a lie,

unknown are their bodies, unmentioned

once conscious: time excretes the sun to


people are drugged out of power, what is

necessary for all creatures is our guts

is inner expansion, comforting others,

washing our bodies in the ocean and

steaming sea, preserving our stalks,

our blood bones of truth, be aware of

the civilized maggots, organize, hope,

modern life will end soon, there are a

thousand truths in the blood soil of

the earth

#cutup #poetry #poem #bremeracosta #williamsborroughs #experimental #writing #cutups #cutups

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