Blog 4/26/17

When you can't change your landscape, change your vision. Create your own adventure. Instead of trying to control that adventure, accept that everything is a part of life. The people you will meet along the way, don't judge them. Learn from them by watching your own reactions. What are you hiding from, what scares you or excites you, from your interactions? By speaking to people and then reflecting on your actions, you can see the truth of yourself. You are made of relations, not as a judge deciding what is right or wrong, but as a witness, a participant, in the flux. You are change, in change, never settled into one reality.


  • Graffiti is modern cave painting, primal spray in a can.

  • Stories are only that, stories. They don't determine the rest of your life.

  • When you want to figure out whether a pursuit is worthwhile, check out your intentions behind it.

  • I always expect chaos in the equation of predictability.

  • Once you have experienced yourself enough to predict your behaviors in x situations, then you can meta-program your mind with what you know is conducive for your growth.

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