Recent and Past Publications

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Writers & Words Interview

Sound of the Fears, a post-apocalyptic story

Blood of Other Worlds: a collection of bizarre short stories

Night of the Old Hood: a three-act play.

Select Publications

The Beacon:

Henroid Oliver Jenkins’ Discovery

Conformity Sublime

Summer Breath

Pools of Energy

Prose Works:

Restaurant Murmuring (second place winner)

Zeroed Into the Past


The Wolf Who Ate the Boy

A Story Hardly Remembered

Quail Bell Magazine:

Mist Between the Pines

Sound of the Night-Creatures

The Villager:

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Review

Technology Transforms Brain Activity in Internet Driven Era


Exquisite Paranoia

Scholar Works:

Transcendence from Alienation


Movie Review: Leon the Professional

Movie Review: Taken 2

Movie Review: Twelve Angry Men

Movie Review: Paranormal Activity 4

Game Review: Guild Wars 2

Movie Review: Looper

Movie Review: The Kids are Alright

What You Didn’t Know About Ellen Page

Movie Review: Midnight in Paris

Movie Review: The Expendables II

Movie Review: The Campaign

Movie Review: Timothy Green’s Peculiar Life

Boosting Your Brain With Alpha Brain

Experts Agree, L-Theanine is Good for You

Meditation for the Mind

Beginning the Pull-Up

Five Healthy Foods for the Average Buyer

Have Scientists Finally Found the Higgs Boson?

The Buzz of Caffeine

Train Your Brain With Lumosity

Burpees: The Fat Burner for Fitness Fanatics

The Fatty Acids of Fish Oil

Seth MacFarlane Brings Back Cosmos

Three Act Play:

Night of the Old Hood

The Avenue:

Night Lingers

Thesis Book:

Blood of Other Worlds

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